For Decisions That Are Backed By Insights

Some of you rely on intuition and some rely on data to make your decisions. For those of you who rely on data & insights, we at TrueSemantic have created an omni-channel feedback & survey tool that makes it super easy to capture and analyze feedback and opinions from your customers, employees and partners. With real-time insights at your finger tips, you can now take guess work out of your decision making process and make decisions with confidence backed by insights.

Don't Guess. Just Ask

With TrueSemantic's easy to use survey builder, powered by 30+ customizable question types and advanced features like display & skip logic, you can create even the most complex and personalized feedback forms and surveys in just minutes. You can even customize your survey design to reflect your company brand and aesthetics without any help from your design or engineering team. Isn't that awesome.

Ask The Right Audience, At Right Time & Through The Right Channel

Show the right feedback/survey questions to the right user at the right time; target based on who the user is, his actions on your platform, past feedback and much more; choose from an array of channels to reach the user to ensure you get the highest response rate. Capturing in-the-moment feedback and opinions was never this easy.

Answers For Your Business Decisions

No matter what your job function is, you can now make data driven decisions all the time. TrueSemantic makes it not just easy to ask but also to analyze feedback responses quickly and efficiently. You can slice and dice feedback responses to find insights that are otherwise tough to gather. You can even share your findings with your team members using our live share or export (.ppt, .pdf, .xls, .csv) features. Making smarter and informed decisions was never this easy.

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