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Growing importance of customer experience

In today’s highly competitive business environment, customers have a choice and are choosing companies which provide great customer experiences. In fact, a study says, 9 out of 10 customers are even willing to pay more for a superior customer experience. No wonder, a recent Gartner research found, “by 2016, 89% of the companies expect to compete basis their customer experience”.

However, only 20% of the companies out there are actually able to provide a great customer experience. Why? ­ because companies do not have a way to measure, improve and track customer experiences in a meaningful and real­time manner.

Introducing TrueSemantic

TrueSemantic is a revolutionary SaaS based customer experience software, which captures feedback from across customer touchpoints, combines it with operational data, analyzes it in real­time, and delivers insights and trends to employees across the organization through role based dashboards. This enables employees to take quick actions required to drive relentless improvement in customer experience and business performance.

No matter how small, medium or large your company is, TrueSemantic is dedicated to improving your customer experience and business performance.

Analytics + Engagement

Omni Channel Feedback & Surveys

Want answers to your questions? Want to collect on-site customer feedback? Conduct in-depth market research? TrueSemantic's powerful survey tool has got you covered.

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Customer Engagement Booster

Prompt customers with the right message at the right time; Improve engagement and conversion metrics

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Customer Experience(CX) Monitor

Know what really matters to your customers. Make the right improvements in customer experience and win customer loyalty for life

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